The Smile Hunter is getting a rebrand…

10 08 2012

You may have noticed an absence of blogs from the Smile Hunter.

It’s ok, he’s not sitting in squalor in some Thai prison, languishing away having been captured by JJ’s underground protection squad.

The Smile Hunter was finding it a bit too easy to photograph smiles.

Too soft a target.

There wasn’t much of a challenge.

So a new one has been created, and a new identity has been bought.

Be afraid.

Like a phoenix from the flames, “The Emotion Hunter” is born.

Be very afraid.

There will still be the odd smile to help bring a smile to your life, but I’m hoping to capture a range of JJ’s emotions as they develop.

Thanks to Mondrak for the inspiration!


The Smile Hunter Diaries: The anniversary week…

17 07 2012

A wise man once said:

“Three. That’s the magic number.”

Well I couldn’t agree more.

Today is my third wedding anniversary.

I took the day off and had a wonderful time with my family.

(still feels strange to say that.)

The third anniversary’s theme is leather so we had a little present swap in the morning.

Abi bought me a leather bookmark with “3 wonderful years” pressed into it.

I’m reading Shogun by Jame Clavell, which is an awesome book, so the bookmark will usurp a train ticket.

After getting up, we made our way to the The Waffle House for lunch, which was my first time there and certainly won’t be my last.

Walking off a burger on a waffle and an awesome vanilla milkshake, I stumbled upon two proud mummies.

On our way home I bought a sunflower for Abi, which is a little tradition we have as it’s a flower that she woke up to on the day of our marriage.

So after getting the J-man to relax, I set about putting him into my sights.

It’s been a while.

So this was the anniversary that saw two become three.


The Smile Hunter Diaries: Week 2…

18 06 2012

Yesterday was a very special day for me.

It was my very first Father’s Day.

Young JJ had been busy making things, posing for a card’s photo and buying things.

Considering he can’t talk, I’m very impressed at his efforts.

Long may that continue.

During this time JJ also managed to escape to Africa.

He thought he’d managed to avoid the evil Smile Hunter.


Not this time.

I tracked and hunted him down to capture this smile.

Even the wilds of Africa couldn’t put the Smile Hunter of the scent.

The African jungle could not hide JJ’s smile.

And don’t worry.

That poisonous looking frog was ‘sorted’.

The Smile Hunter Diaries: Week 1

12 06 2012

I mentioned previously about trying to get capture a photo a week from JJ.

So here’s week 1.

JJ’s been finding his voice recently.

It’s beautiful and really moving when he ‘talks’ to us.

To be honest he was too talkative when he should have been going to sleep.

A bit like his Daddy when he gets drunk.

Can I make you smile?

The smile hunter has a new target…

7 06 2012

I received such a positive response to JJ’s smile.

It made me think.

If JJ’s smile can in turn make someone else smile, he’s already started to change the world.

It’s all about the knock on effect.

Albeit it one small person at a time.

So it’s time to polish off that sniper rifle again.

I have a new target.

To capture a smile from JJ every week.

Wish me luck.

You’ll never make me smile on demand Daddy. NEVER!

The smile hunter always gets his smile…

2 06 2012

At long last, I got a smile.

My chosen weapon was at hand.

No more mister nice guy.

Au revoir camera phone.

Well hello DSLR.

JJ was in a really happy mood and I was not prepared to miss the opportunity.

There he was, chatting away.

Getting frustrated that Daddy could not understand him.


No more approaching my quarry with the equivalent of a sniper rifle at two miles.

I let rip on full automatic at point-blank.

I took about 40 photos to capture one smile.

It wasn’t a pretty affair.

There was nothing professional about the shot.

But a Daddy’s got to do what a Daddy’s got to do.

At last, a smile frozen in time.

The smile hunter misses again…

23 05 2012

I’d love to say I took this photo.

But I didn’t.

My hunt continues.

Haha Daddy! Mummy took this photo.